Theatre Production

Anthology’s theatre division began its life as far back as 2000 when Bob Benton started supporting and investing in productions. Since then theatre investment, both through the advisory division and with the group acting as producer and co-producer has grown to become a substantial part of Anthology’s business. In 2016 Bob, Freddie Ryecart and Dom Hodson set up Ghost Light, the first company in the Group to focus on original home-grown theatre productions.

For information on investing in theatre, please visit our Investment Advisory page.

  • Distilling his many years expertise in identifying theatre and screen productions that make viable returns, while exciting audiences and gaining critical acclaim, Bob Benton’s latest venture will focus on investment and development of curated content.

  • Ghost Light Theatre productions produces and develops innovative original theatre. Managed by Freddie Ryecart, Bob Benton and Dom Hodson, Ghost Light also holds investment positions in numerous productions across the UK, in the West End, and on Broadway.